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231 South Ellsworth Avenue - San Mateo, CA 94401 650-347-7231

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231 Ellsworth

Catering - 231 Express

Innovative and tasty alternatives to the brown bag are here! We offer quality box selections for your next in-office luncheon or afternoon meeting. Call ahead for pick-up or order through Waiters on Wheels for quick delivery. Now, excellence is affordable! For box lunches delivered, please click on the link below:  or  650-366-3366 For private catering events:  or  650-327-7231 xt:205 Floral Arrangements - by C’est Jolie Contemporary and whimsical floral designs are offered through 231 Ellsworth. Favorite vase need an update? A dinner party calling for special table arrangements? New baby to celebrate? Floral arrangements starting at $50 Please email for a quote.  or  call 650-347-7231 xt.205
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